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We’re about bringing people together to build a a more sane and sustainable world from the ground up.

It’s a simple formula: consume less, connect more, be happier.

We’re not alone. Transitioners around the world are responding to the energy crisis and climate change by building local resilience,  connecting with others while reducing their global footprint and enriching lives.

Contact us at transitionpaloalto@gmail.com

Read our charter.

Some of what we do:

  • Films of Vision and Hope
  • Transition Cafes
  • Garden shares
  • Craft shares
  • Book discussion groups
  • Community, conversation, and calling discussion group
  • Reskilling events
  • Local investing (slow money)
  • Resilience circle
  • Low carbon diet classes
  • Host speakers and panel discussions
  • Work with other local groups on social and community action

7 thoughts on “About

    • Hello Twisted Politix,

      Thanks for writing!

      Lots is going on in different groups of Transition Palo Alto. So it depends on what your interest is.

      You can check the TPA webpage for new events

      We have a film series coming up later in the summer. The films are shown at WolrdCentric near JJF in College Terrace.

      I personally think that a book group reading the Transition Handbook is the best way to get involved. If you’re interested, you can get on a list for the next one.

      If you can tell me a bit about your background and interests, I might be able to come up with more relevant suggestions.

      all best,

  1. I just moved here from Santa Cruz, where I co-founded Transition Santa Cruz a couple years ago. Had no idea there was interest in these issues here. It seems to me you could make more of a connection between economic growth/debt and peak oil (the source problem) and climate change (the sink problem). You’re probably aware of Chris Martenson’s The Crash Course, but in case not I think it’s worth posting for those who are new to these issues: http://www.chrismartenson.com/ In any case, I’m heartened to have landed on your site. Bon courage!

    • Thanks for the note, Elizabeth. I hope you’ll be able to come to some of the upcoming films or to one of the Transition Meetings. Several of us have been impressed by what we’ve heard about Transition in Santa Cruz.

      I agree with you about economics. Transition in general doesn’t give it much emphasis. Personally I think that most people will experience the crisis via economic and political instability.

      • Hi Bart:

        I’m just now seeing your reply, and I would agree that economic debt and political instability are what we’re likely to encounter first. I think that piece is missing — or not emphasized enough — in the Transition discourse.

        The Friday night film series sounds interesting. thanks for the heads-up.



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