Groups and Projects

Get involved in a Transition group

Interested in connecting with one of the groups active in Transition Palo Alto? Just sign up for the Google group to get news of meetings, events, and discussions. To join a Google Group:

  • Send an e-mail request (to: transitionpaloalto at gmail dotcom) We can add you directly to the group. OR
  • If you already have a Google account, you can sign up by clicking on the link to the group below, then clicking “Join group” – tell us how you find us! You’ll be added soon. (More details about joining Google groups here)


General Membership (transition-palo-alto)
General membership list for the newsletters and occasional Transition-related posts of general interest. Open.  If you sign up for one of the sub-groups, we automatically sign you up for the General List.

We try to keep traffic on the General List to a minimum. For discussion and special-interest posts, we encourage you to use the sub-groups.

Chat (tpa_chat)
To cope with all the ideas and events, we’ve set up a group for announcements, news items and discussion … whatever is on your mind. Open.

Project groups

Skillshare  (skillshare-palo-alto)

Developing skills for self-reliance and community resilience, so we can do things for ourselves that are currently done by petroleum power.   Workshops, discussions, Share Faires.  Open

Local Garden Share

Local Garden Share group organizes events to share homegrown produce.

Neighborhood garden circles provide on-going education about growing food in our own yards.

Currently we have 3 Garden share email lists:

Sunnyvale Garden Share (active):  garden-share-sunnyvale

Palo Alto / Mountain View Garden Share (dormant):  gardenshare-palo-alto

Portola Valley Garden Share (dormant):  pv-garden-share

Craft Swaps (craftswap)
Help plan swaps and socials (clothing exchange, tool exchange, craft exchange, potlucks and more), and get involved in Share Faires.

Film Series group

Help plan the film series, “Films of Vision and Hope”. Email us if you are interested at transitionpaloalto @

Website, newsletter, and social media team

Discussion and support groups

See tpa_chat above. 

Dormant Groups Ready for a Revival

Theology tpa_theology

Book groups, Reskilling, Garden groups, Housing, Low Carbon Diet, Resilience, Occupy, Support, Theology, and more. If you are interested in starting up or hosting one, let us know.