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We’re part of a world-wide grassroots movement to build local resilience and connections close to home. Since 2010, we’ve been mounting creative and thoughtful responses to the challenges of resource depletion, climate change, and economic instability. Help us unleash the power and creative genius of people and communities to create a vibrant future for generations to come. Scroll down for our recent activities blog.

To get involved, check out these links: How to get involved! and What you can do about climate change. And sign up for our spam-free mailing list for information about important activities and events. And want to get in touch? Send a message to transitionpaloalto@gmail.com.

Coming up:

  • December 11 Holiday Share Faire and Decoration Swap 1-3pm- Cubberley Community Center, Room D1  Scroll down for details
  • December 16 Transition Palo Alto HOLIDAY PARTY 7-9pm- Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto. Scroll down for details
  • Garden Shares 
    The Palo Alto Garden Share is now part of the Share Faire.
    Sunday, December 18, 11am-12, Full Circle Farm, Sunnyvale
  • Transition Cafes – Most Fridays, 6-8pm, Red Rock Cafe, Mountain View. Check your email each week (by Thursday) for the topic and details.
  • Permaculture Cafe – Most Tuesdays, 6-8pm, Red Rock Cafe, Mountain View. Check your email each week for the topic and details.

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Holiday Party – December 16


Come celebrate the holidays at our annual Holiday Party Friday December 16!  Bring a potluck dish and any friends and family to join the fun.

This year we’d like to show appreciation for all the wonderful volunteers who have helped with Transition activities and those who are working in our community at large.

  • Are you doing work in our community that you’d like to tell others about?
  • Is someone else doing good work that you’d like let people know about?

We’d also like to exchange ideas about what each of us can do in the new year.

Friday December 16
Fireside Room, Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto,
505 E. Charleston, Palo Alto



Holiday Share Faire and Decoration Swap

December 11, 2016, 1:00 – 3:00 PM, Cubberley Community Center, Room D1, 4000 Middlefield, Palo Alto

Make sharing a part of your holiday season!

This time we are asking for you to keep the Goods Share to ONLY seasonal decorations and garden (and related) items.  Our Goods Sharing has gotten a little bit out of control, with many things just left.  We do bring them to Goodwill or FOPAL, but it is a lot of work for our volunteers to find new homes for things.  We prefer to share things with a story with people we know, so that we can use the process to build community.  (This is not to say that we won’t hold a “Freecycle”-style Goods Share in the future – we will, but not every time.)

From 1:15 to 2:15 we will hold a Storytelling Circle.  We ask you to bring a story of the holidays – and there are many holidays clustered around the change of the year! – and share them with your community.  We’re looking for as much diversity as we can find – if you have something from your family’s culture, that would be particularly fine.  We’ll film the storytelling for possible inclusion on our web-site (for all of those who are willing).

From 2:30 to 3:00 we will have a seasonal food Skill Share.  Something easy to make from the produce that’s available here and now.  Stay tuned for details.

Volunteer  We would happy for you to join us. There are many opportunities:  greeting, promotion, organizing, set-up, clean-up and more?  Please send email to  transitionpaloalto@gmail.com and let us know if you can help.

Looking forward to seeing you!

2016 holiday share faire flyer.png

Post Election Heart and Soul

People came with anxiety, fear, and a craving to be with others. At a special Third Friday heart and soul session, attendees got a chance to speak of their feelings, what’s been hardest since the election, what they’re doing for personal care and the care of others, and what each of us can do to as a positive step (personally, for others, in our community, and beyond).

At the end, I read excerpts from “We were made for these times,” an essay by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, as an inspiration to move forward. Click to read a version of the essay.
–Barbara Weinstein

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THIRD Friday Nov 18 – Let’s find a way to peace


If you feel shaken, discouraged, frustrated, angry, or despairing about the election, you’re not alone. Many in our community feel that the ground has shifted out from under our feet, and there’s no safe place left to stand.

At a time like this, it’s essential that we come together – to grieve, reflect, commiserate, and figure out how to move on. Because we must – that’s how we affirm our humanity, our love for each other, and our love for life on this exquisite planet.

Please join us for a special THIRD Friday heart and soul session. Let’s draw strength from each other and find ways to foster hope. As Victoria Armigo wrote to me this morning, “Let’s find a way to not choose the path of cynicism. Just one small step in the loving compassionate direction,  just might light our way…”

Friday November 18, 7:30pm
Los Altos Public Library
13 S. San Antonio Rd, Los Altos 



There oughta be a law

The election’s over, and now the work begins (should begin!). A few years ago, Joe Simitian, then a California State senator, started ‘There oughta be a law,’ a contest to encourage California citizens to propose legislation to improve quality of life in California. Current State Senator Jerry Hill now sponsors the program. Senator Hill writes:

The contest is open to all constituents of the 13th Senate District and allows residents to submit their ideas for improving the quality of life in our community and/or the state of California. Ideas can vary from local community improvements to statewide reforms. Applicants can create new laws or repeal / revise laws already on the books. I will select a winner in February and work toward implementing the reform during the legislative session. Applications can be submitted online and are due by January 15, 2016.

Do you have an idea for a law?   The TPA steering committee would love to work with you on a proposal. Please share your idea by sending a message to transitionpaloalto@gmail.com. We’ll get in touch with you to follow up. We’ll also be announcing the contest at TPA events in November and December.

To learn more about the contest, go to http://sd13.senate.ca.gov/submit-bill-idea. To help inspire you, the page includes a description past contest winners.


Submitted proposals:

  • Darshana Maya Greenfield:
    • So much of U.S. legislation / propositions cover more than one thing.  Usually one part is a good idea, and another part is not so useful.  Or the idea is good, but the implementation is not.

      I think our laws should (by law!) just cover one thing, so that people / legislators can vote for what is good, and not have a bunch of bad stuff come along with it.

  • Peter Ruddock:
    • Imbalance of jobs and housing is the leading cause of traffic, which releases Greenhouse gases and other pollution, and wastes vast amounts of commuters’ time, among other things.  Palo Alto has approximately 60,000 residents and approximately 200,000 jobs, and so is the center of predictable traffic jams every weekday.  The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) tries to address this problem by setting housing and business targets in areas that are out of balance, but with limited success.  The state can add teeth to this effort, by mandating balance for each city, with penalties for those jurisdictions which do not show progress in addressing the issue.


All set for Halloween

Thanks to the October Share Faire and Costume Swap, local kids of all ages are now ready for Halloween. It’s the sharing community at its best – kids who want to look their best (or scariest) on Halloween matched up with grandparents cleaning out their old stashes of costumes and families with kids who’ve outgrown their garb from previous years.

Kids also got a chance to exercise their creative spirit by making masks at the craft table.

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