Bart’s computer story

DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT- needs much editing and more to come

Wrote service documentation for Hewlett Packard’s UNIX mini-computers.  I worked with UNIX a lot and loved it. An excellent way to learn about operating systems, since it is open and inviting – in contrast to other closed systems, which were a black box. You had your little user account and that’s all.

Looked into Linux, bought a version of Linux on multiple CDs. When I saw how much work it was going to take, I groaned and put it aside. There was too much else going on in my life at the time to go down all the rabbit holes.

Built white box after retired. Put Windows XP on it. It was fun, but I put all my energy into editing websites. I had to intereact with other people, Word documetns, etc. so I stuck with Windows.

Didn’t touch it for yours. Hard drive crashed a couple of times, and my motherboard died. Had them fixed and kept on going. Finally after about 12 years, too many things happened and Windows XP was becoming obsolete. I’d