Key Features of Transition Initiatives, from Transition Santa Cruz

Transition Santa Cruz has published a good list of key features of Transition Initiatives:

Transition initiatives…

  • are rooted in community and are not dependent on any one person
  • find common ground among the many individuals and groups who care about the well-being of the community
  • are inclusive; avoiding “us and them”
  • use peak oil awareness as a tool to help people think about living with low energy usage and with local resilience
  • provide forums for people to dream of positive outcomes, and create a vision of an abundant future
  • create a sense that something new, fascinating, and transformative is happening
  • address widely held concerns
  • move forward flexibly, with ideas reworked regularly
  • incubate many specific projects; in many cases by working with other community groups
  • respond to both the need for practical life skills and for psychological training in how to cultivate positive visions and deal with fear, discouragement, etc.
  • keep an emphasis on personal responsibility, and use advice as recommendation, not prescription

Four Key Assumptions 

  • Life with much lower energy consumption is inevitable and it’s best to prepare.
  • We currently lack the resilience we need to cope with a lower-energy future.
  • We have to act collectively now.
  • With our collective genius we can design an energy descent that features better ways of living than our current lifestyle.

TSC adds a fifth:

  • It is impossible to be resilient without also being equitable.

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