10/10/10 Work Day: Sunday, October 10, 2010

It’s Time for an Oil Change:

Green Activities for Parents and Kids10/10/10 global work party

Get ready for 10/10/10! Transition Palo Alto has partnered with 350.org for this worldwide day of action to spread the word about peak oil and climate change, and all the ways you can cut your carbon emissions. We’re planning a big day of activities for kids, parents and all adults, including skills you may have forgotten or never learned, but which your grandparents likely knew.

Among the highlights:

  • We’ll be building an end-to-cheap-oil tower.
  • Activities include building a solar oven, knitting, creating arts and crafts, and many more (additional info here).
  • See a slide show on reducing your carbon footprint by one of Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Thirty”, Axel Clavier.
  • Pledge to reduce your carbon and get your passport to a greener Palo Alto!

To sign up or to help out, go to http://www.350.org/node/17534 and click on “RSVP”.


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