“No on 23” grassroots group opens in Palo Alto

Logo for the new campaign in Palo Alto, No on Texas Oil

Logo for the new campaign in Palo Alto

Walking home on El Camino, I saw a storefront festooned with campaign signs saying “No on 23” and “Stop Texas Oil”. It was the newly opened headquarters for the Stop Texas Oil campaign. From their website:

“California already has on the books one of the toughest anti-global warming laws in the world (AB 32), and it goes into effect next year but not if a bunch of Texas oil companies get their way.”

Several people in local Transition meetings have brought up the “No on 23” campaign, since it ties in with the Transition concern about global warming. This particular group concentrates on the grassroots campaign, as opposed to the media campaign. This fits in well with Transition’s grassroots orientation.

The campaign workers John and Spencer are fresh-faced young men, not long out of college. They seemed to respond to Transition’s slogan of being “more like a party than a protest.”

If anyone is interested in volunteer work such as phone banking, house parties, or handing out flyers at farmers’ markets, you can contact the local office via the website at
or at their office at 3491 West El Camino Real, Palo Alto.

For a detailed, non-partisan report on Proposition 23, see the entry on BallotPedia:

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