Peak Oil Coloring Book

What is Peak Oil?  And Why Should I Care?

Make the coloring book that was developed for the 10/10/10 event “Time for an Oil Change — Green Activities for Parents and Kids”!

  1. Download the Peak_Oil_Coloring_Book_10-07-2010.pdf.  When you open the file you will notice two “pages” in the document, which are designed to be printed on two sides of one sheet of large paper.  When printing, set (for example in printer properties): 
    • Duplex printing (two-sided)
    • Paper size:  11″ x 17″
    • “Short-side stapling”, or “Flip over”:  choose a setting that ensures that both sides of the printed sheet will be oriented similarly, with the same long edge being upwardmost.
    • Coloring book showing reverse bent over

      1 Large paper printed on two sides

    2 Half sheets stacked one on the other

  2. Once you print the sheet, cut it lengthwise to separate the top half from the bottom half.  Flip over the bottom half so that the dinosaurs are face up.  Stack the top half-sheet on top of the bottom half-sheet; the dinosaurs will now be covered.

  4. Fold the two half-sheets (together) with a vertical crease down the middle, so that the cover (“What is Peak Oil?”) winds up on the front of the folded stack.  Staple at the crease (you’ll need a stapler with a long reach).  Now you can flip through the eight pages!
  5. 3 Folded and stapled

If you don’t have a printer that can handle two-sided printing on such large paper, and you can’t find a friend or a copy shop to help you, you’ll be forced to print a small version on letter size paper and the margins won’t come out right.  Oh well, you might still have fun reading this tiny illustrated book!


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