Got some extra crayons lying around? Are you a closet knitter with a room full of yarn? Scrapbooking, paper-making, jewelry-making, drawing, painting, sculpting, and more – whatever your craft is, you need supplies. Why not trade for them?

Come meet other crafters, share your extras and take home some goodies at our first CRAFT SWAP!

When: Sunday, November 14, 2010. 8:30-11am

Where: A Work of Heart, 2196 Lincoln Avenue, San Jose, CA

What to bring: Arts and crafts supplies (no one empty-handed will be turned away), and an extra bag or basket to carry what you want.

You’ll bring in what you have, put it on the appropriate table, and go shopping for free.

Come join the fun! Questions? Email rani at bacraftswap at gmail dot com


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