Join us to read The Transition Handbook

The Transition HandbookTransition Palo Alto is sponsoring our fourth book discussion group.  Join us to read The Transition Handbook: From oil dependency to local resilience by Rob Hopkins (founder of the Transition Movement). 

We will meet weekly for six weeks to learn about Transition and consider personal and community responses to the threats of peak oil and climate change.  The groups so far have inspired a vital interactive hands-on community of resourceful and talented people.

Our first meeting will be Thursday, January 20, 2011, from 7 to 9 PM.  If you are interested, please let us know by sending an e-mail message to Emily Rosen (mlerosen at jps dot net), and she will send out the details.

More information about the book is below.  Hope you can join us!

Description of  The Transition Handbook

Another useful, short introduction by Transition US:

Online version of The Transition Handbook (PDF):

An outline of The Transition Handbook

We will use a study guide (developed by Transition Seattle):


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