An introduction to Resilience Circles – Sept 15

We’re in this Together!

An Introduction to Resilience Circles
September 15, 2011

The Great Recession is a scary time. Debt, foreclosure, unemployment, anxious employment, evaporating savings, rising costs, job insecurity, and environmental uncertainties.

Resilience circles are a positive way forward. A resilience circle is a small group of people that comes together to:

  • Face economic and ecological challenges
  • Learn about root causes
  • Discover non-financial resources
  • Build relationships that strengthen security
  • Take steps for mutual aid and shared action
  • Learn about helpful community projects
  • Rediscover what we have and the prospect of a brighter future
  • Become part of a larger effort to create a fair, healthy, sustainable economy for all

For those already involved in local Transition activities, resilience circles are a natural way to tie in our concerns about peak oil and climate change with the real economic and personal challenges that we face. It’s all part of the same picture!

Join us for an introduction to Resilience Circles

We’ll learn about the resilience circle movement and how resilience circles are helping people turn hardship into strengthened relationships and mutual support. We’ll also plan follow-on sessions for those who want to get involved.

September 15
6:30 meet and greet
7:00-9:00 Intro to Resilience Circles
World Centric
2121 Staunton Court
Palo Alto, CA 94306

Hosted by Transition Palo Alto book group 4

For more information about the event write to, or

For more information about the Resilience Circle movement, see

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