Ute’s Stilts-Walk for Democracy (Jan 20 and 21)

By Ute Engelke (Transition Palo Alto)

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In an effort to restore democracy in this country I am excited to walk on stilts on Friday in San Jose and on Saturday in Palo Alto at the “Move to Amend” event (for details see below).

I would love to see you at the event, but if this is not in your locality I hope you will participate in a “Move to Amend” event in your town. Please go to http://movetoamend.org/ and join this fast growing movement for a constitutional amendment to firmly establish that human beings, not corporations, are entitled to constitutional rights and that money is not

Friday Jan 20
“Occupy the Courts,” sponsored by Santa Clara County Move to Amend in coordination with many other events around the country
St. James Park, San Jose
Noon – 2pm (includes a march to the Federal court and City Hall)

Saturday Jan 21
Help commemorate the second anniversary of the Citizens United decision, which opened the floodgates to unlimited political spending by corporations
El Camino and Embarcadero, Palo Alto
11:30am – 1pm

Here’s a link to more information about Occupy the Courts:

and here’s a link to learn much more about Move to Amend:

Getting to San Jose:

You can get to St. James Park easily by taking the 522 VTA bus down El
Camino to the Santa Clara and 1st stop. Here’s the schedule: http://www.vta.org/schedules/SC_522EA_WK.html. Caltrain and light rail also have service to downtown San Jose.

You may also want to watch http://www.storyofstuff.org/movies-all/story-of-citizens-united-v-fec/ and see why I am so excited to be part of this movement.

Image of stiltwalker is from Image from Rdikeman via Wikimedia Commons

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