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Come meet other artistic people, learn a new craft, share stories, clear out your closets, and help save stuff from the landfill at the Craft Swap!

It’s a great chance to get rid of any extra projects and supplies you know you’ll never use, and get what you can really use without spending any money.

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[Please note: In case of rain, event will be cancelled.]

Demos: bird-language, egg decorating, kids’ activities, and others TBA.

What to bring: Your old arts and crafts supplies – paint, fabric, paper, scrapbooking, stickers, beads, yarn, cards, pencils, markers, brushes, needles, thread, gift wrap, ribbon, decorative items, clay, herbs, flowers, specialized tools – almost anything goes! Also bring a bag or few to take home your loot. (You’re encouraged to bring something, but no one empty-handed will be turned away). Please also bring any crafts you may have made from recycled materials to show-and-tell. If you have a very large amount stuff, email rani at bacraft swap at gmail dot com to say you’ll be coming and what you plan to bring, roughly.

How it works: Show up a little early and sign in (so you’ll know how it went and be notified next time). Put your supplies on their respective tables . We’ll schmooze and munch snacks, and start “shopping,” and items will be first-come, first serve. Along the way, we’ll show demos of fun things you can learn about.. The idea is to get to know others and share stories, skills, and stuff. Just pick up a bag and take what you like!


  • Please try to come on time. You won’t be turned away later, but you’ll get the best pick of stuff if you come early, you’ll have a chance to chat, and your stuff is also likely to get picked up.
  • Please don’t bring anything too sentimental, since you may not know who’s getting it.
  • Please take what you brought home if it is very large or a lot of it remains at the end. For certain craft swaps (noted), SCRAP may take extra items up to a limit.

About the previous craft swaps:

Questions? E-mail rani at bacraftswap at g m a i l . c o m (you may also leave a comment below)