The No Impact Experiment

Join Transition Palo Alto and many others in The No Impact Experiment!  It’s a one-week exploration of how to reduce our negative impacts on our environment, beginning January 2nd (in partnership with YES! Magazine).

We’ll learn a few things about living a happier life, and maybe change a few habits in the bargain.

This is not a test.  There is no scoring, there are no judgments.  It’s a chance to experiment with small changes in our lives, as part of the big cultural shift we are undertaking to live in balance on our planet.  We might learn whether less environmental degradation brings with it more happiness!

Try it!  Register on the No Impact Project website.  (Visit How It Works to preview step-by-step instructions, or Reflections on a one-week carbon cleanse to read someone else’s experience, or read the How-To Manual.)

You’re then welcome to use the Leave a Comment link on this blog post to share your experience during the experiment.  (Suggestion:  Bookmark this post as a favorite so you can return easily in the future.)

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