Newsletter – December 30, 2010

NEWSLETTER – December 30, 2010

New Years Eve party
Upcoming Events
No Impact Experiment
Ideas for Community Building in the New Year


World Centric has invited us to a New Years Eve event, starting at 7 pm
Transition members should have received an invite (see emailed newsletter)

* Jan 4 – Free workshop 7-9 pm at World Centric with Cecile Andrews
“Conversation, Community, and Calling”
* Low impact experiment (January) – see note from David Coale below
* New film series “Making Cities Livable” (tentatively scheduled to start in January)
* New low carbon diet class (scheduled for January) – contact Annette Isaacson
* New Transition book group starting in late January – contact Emily Rosen, Paul Heft or William Mutch


Here is reminder about the No Impact Experiment I and other folks will be involved in starting Jan 2. Please join me in exploring ways to lessen our impact. This is a project by Transition Palo Alto. See: for more information or follow the links below.
– David Coale (Transition Palo Alto)

Join me, Transition Palo Alto, and many others in The No Impact Experiment! It’s a one-week exploration of how to reduce our negative impacts on our environment, beginning January 2nd (in partnership with YES! Magazine ( and the No Impact Project (

We’ll learn a few things about living a happier life, and maybe change a few habits in the process.

This is not a test. There is no scoring, there are no judgments. It’s a chance to experiment with small changes in our lives, as part of the big cultural shift we are undertaking to live in balance on our planet. They supply information and support for each day of the week during your exploration experiment. We might learn whether less environmental degradation brings with it more happiness! If you already do a lot to lessen your impact, great! Consider this a tune-up.

Try it! Register on the No Impact Project website.

(Visit How It Works to preview step-by-step instructions,
or Reflections on a one-week carbon cleanse to read someone else’s experience.)

Also think about sending this around to your friends and neighbors as it is fun to do as a group.

David Coale / Transition Palo Alto.

Ideas for Community Building in the New Year
(courtesy of Barbara Weinstein)

* More swaps – such as gardens, seedlings. Note that Acterra is planning a conference on sharing…
* Continuation of Cecile Andrews’ workshops on conversation – perhaps continue after she completes the initial sessions Jan 4.
* New book and study groups (science of climate change, any other topics..)
* Reskilling work group (possible workshop/conference this spring)
* Connecting with Stanford staff and students – for this, it would be best to have activities on campus, or in the case of staff, close to transit lines
* Workshops on bike repair
* Knitting groups
* Book exchange
* More social get-togethers

Things to work out…

* Arranging for space for meetings, films (since we won’t be able to meet at World Centric after March).
o Talking to KEEP in Palo Alto about partnering with them to get some city space (such as Lucy Stern) for free
o Local libraries (Palo Alto, Cupertino, Los Altos, Mountain View
o Peninsula Conservation Center (where we held the first film series)
o Stanford rooms (need a faculty or staff sponsor to get for free?)
* How best to help people brainstorm ideas for activities and get together to make them happen.
o Use Facebook?
o Try to use the Transition web site to help connect people who want to work with others on ideas for activities
* Consolidating email lists

– Bart Anderson (temporary editor)

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