Happiness Circle April 26 (Conversation/Community group)

One of Transition PA’s regular workshop groups is the Conversation, Community and Calling which meets every other Tuesday at World Centric from 6:45 – 8:45.

Here are our upcoming events and minutes to give you an idea of what we do. Admission is open and newcomers are welcome.

April 26 – Happiness Circles

Cecile Andrews, who developed the idea of Simplicity Circles, will give a preview of her new project: Happiness Circles. (It turns out that Happiness is a hot topic these days! See Happiness movement hits the UK

The Community Happiness Circle:
Discover how a small group of committed citizens can come together to support each other in the pursuit of happiness and social change — pursuing both personal and social wellbeing. Learn about the new research on happiness and change. Explore the three keys to happiness: connection, calling, and celebration: how to form a caring culture by building community, discovering our particular passion, and living with joie de vivre. The community happiness circle is part of a long tradition of people coming together to change their own lives and create a culture concerned about the common good.

May 10 – Bullying

William led a session on April 12, which we will be continuing with lots of discussion on May 10. We are covering:

* Interpersonal dynamics
* Latest research
* In the workplace
* Problems for activists
* Tactics
* Solutions

Possible Topics for the Future

How to use Facebook
For friendship, networking and activism

How to work with corporations – promises and pitfalls
Greenwashing and Class-B corporations

What Inspired Us

We talked about bringing something creative that inspires us in our activism/engagement. In the April 12 meeting, Eitan, Barbara and Bart brought something. We may make this a regular part of our meetings. Here are the contributions for last week:

Eitan’s picks
Lova and Anarchy by Lina Wertmüller
a movie set in Mussolini’s Italy

The entire film is online

What is Life?
by physicist Erwin Schrödinger.

Bart’s picks

Vienen Los Pajaros (music Mikis Theodorakis, text Pablo Neruda)
Greek rhythms, surrealist imagery, a myth for Latin America

The Spanish and English for “The Coming of the Birds” appears in
https://files.nyu.edu/emf202/public/mt/CantoGeneralEN.html .

Barbara’s picks

Three Cups of Tea and the sequel, Stones Into Schools:
two books by Greg Mortenson

Oedipus Rex by Sophocles

For more schedule information, see the Transition Palo Alto calendar:

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