“Profiles of Vision and Hope” blog

Rani created a blog, “Profiles of Vision and Hope“, to allow local people to write about what they have done to lower carbon footprints or to build local resilience.  Let’s share how we are making the transition to an energy-lean, but more connected and less stressful, healthier and happier way of life!

“This is a place where you, residents of Palo Alto and surrounding communities, can tell your stories – how you came to learn about peak oil, climate change, or Transition, how these have affected you in your daily life, the struggles you are undergoing or have overcome, or your visions for the future.”

Rani will add contributors and manage submissions. As it grows, I expect she will add categories and possibly other features—send ideas her way (using the form on the blog’s home page)!


One thought on ““Profiles of Vision and Hope” blog

  1. Yes, please sign up for an account on WordPress, then fill out the form to be added to the group! Looking forward to some interesting posts.

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