Transition PA events in early January

Time to come out of winter hibernation!
Events at Transition Palo Alto are starting up again.

Below are the events for the coming week(s) that I know about.

If you have questions, look at the TPA website and calendar
or contact

Jan 3 – Tuesday – Conversation, community & calling group – open

7 – 9:00 pm Cecile’s place in midtown Palo Alto
(please note 7 pm starting time!)

Jan 4 – Wednesday – Transition book group beginning in Redwood City

7-9 pm
Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship, 2124 Brewster Ave., RWC

A Resilience Circle will start reading Transition Handbook / Companion
If interested contact: thomas@THoMASATWOOD.NET

Jan 4 – Wednesday – How to Design an EcoCity (talk/dinner)

6-9 pm
Bay Cafe, Palo Alto Golf Course, 1875 Embarcadero Rd, Palo Alto

An Interactive Dinner Presentation with Dr. James Caldwell
Dr. James Caldwell has spent the past year consulting to city of Nansha, China on exactly this topic. At this dinner he’ll share the story of working with the policy makers and urban planners of Nansha to develop a Green Specification System for the city.

He will compare Nansha with several other eco-city developments in China where he consults and reveal the insights gained from co-organizing and co-hosting a Chinese Mayoral Delegation that came to the Bay Area to compare Eco-City development efforts here with their own in China.

– Mari Pearman (Transition Mountain View, Transition Palo Alto)

(Not a TPA event. Sponsered by Sustainovation and Silicon Valley Innovation Institute (SVII)

Jan 4 – Wednesday – Book groups 2 & 6

6:30 – 9:00 pm
Barbara and Eitan’s house, Los Altos

Now reading Transition Companion (to page 88)
There was a desire for more discussion on Relocalization.

Jan 5 – Thursday – Book group 7

11 am -1 pm
Bart’s place near California Ave., Palo Alto

Now reading Transition Companion (pages 196-233)

Jan 5 – Thursday – Occupy book group

7 – 8:30 pm Cecile’s place in midtown Palo Alto

Now reading This Changes Everything: Occupy Wall Street and the 99% Movement (YES! Magazine)
Read the first chapter. More copies available from Bart.

If you are new, please rsvp? – Cecile ( )

Jan 5 – Thursday – Time Bank start-up meeting

7 pm start
Acterra, 3921 East Bayshore Road, Palo Alto

Debbie Mytels will be facilitating a start-up meeting to establish a local time-bank to enable the sharing of services. They are investigating softtware from the Bay Area Community Exchange (BACE) .

Jan 9 – Monday – Slow Money group – open

7:15 – 9:?? pm

Jan 12 – Thursday – Book group 7

11 am -1 pm
Anna’s place?

Now reading Transition Companion

Jan 19 – Thursday – Project Happiness movie

6 am – 8 pm
Clark Center Auditorium, Stanford University

Project Happiness, a feature length documentary film, follows a senior high school class from Mount Madonna School near Watsonville, California, on a journey to discover the true nature of human happiness. Joining them on this quest are students from the Tibetan Children’s Village in Dharamsala, India, and students from the Dominion Heritage Academy in Jos, Nigeria.
-Sarah Ramirez, TPA

(Not a TPA event)

Jan 20 – Friday – Occupy the Courts!

St. James Park, San Jose

On Friday, January 20th at noon, Santa Clara County Move To Amend (MTA) will join with MTA chapters across the US in a national day of resistance to corporate personhood and the negative impact corporate power has on our democracy
– Mary Klein of TPA

(Not a TPA event)

Jan 28 – Saturday – Non-hierarchical leadership workshop

8:30 – 5
San Jose Peace & Justice Center

As we move away from the domination and exploitation worldview that is so dysfunctional, we will manifest new ways of relating to people and to Nature, and new leadership roles. Come explore how we can more effectively and enjoyably use listening and leadership to craft the world our hearts know is possible.
led by Derek Tennant of TPA

(Not a TPA event)

Feb 1- 4 EcoFarm Conference in Pacific Grove (Asilomar)

If you are interested in food and farming, this conference of the Ecological Farming Association is the one to attend.
– Bart of TPA

(Not a TPA event)

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