Mother’s Day Multiple Share – May 13

In the back parking lot of Common Ground, as people perused plants, melodious music mingled with green garden goods and a cornucopia of crafts, with the whirring of bicycles in the background.

The garden share gathered with seedlings and herbs and plenty of lemons.

The craft table was laden with cloth and papers aplenty.

Tom Kabat (with the able assistance of David Coale) repaired the row of bikes that entered the lot and gave advice on riding comfortably and safely. Herb Moore displayed his Scrapaphony – chimes made out of keys, pipes from tubing, and drums from jars filled with colorful liquids.

Annie (of Opal’z) demonstrated how to wrap the soaps she teaches how to make for gifts, and showed her fragrant rose beads. I showed how to reuse envelopes (turn them around, or use junk mail) with decorative hand-drawn labels and make homemade playdough.

The share, on Mother’s Day, was full of energy, with interplay among crafters, musicians, bike riders, gardeners, kids and adults, and everyone wanting to learn and share. Thank you to all who came, especially to those who helped lead these sharings. A special thanks to all the moms on this Mother’s Day.


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