Saturday September 22 – End of Summer Swap

DP Craft Swap 9-22-12

Neighbors sharing Crafts, Clothes, Books, and Music
*Saturday, September 22* 1:00pm – 3:00pm FREE !
Deborah’s Palm
555 Lytton Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306 (behind building)

Hop on your bikes with your friends and family for craft, clothes, and book
swap and share. Join us to share your extra arts and crafts supplies,
beloved (or neglected) books, and old clothing. Come ready to sew in our
sew-off, make music with found objects, and learn from a few craft demos.
Bring what you have to share; take home something you don’t. Bring your
herbs, flowers, paints, markers, books, shirts, skirts, pants, fabric,
yarn, paper, sheet music, patterns, books, garden/craft tools, and more. Be
sure to bring a bag to take home the bounty!

Craft Share – Bring your arts and crafts supplies and tools, and even
artistic creations to share. We’ll have demos on simple crafts you can
make, techniques you can learn, a chance to show off your skills, and even
a crochet lesson. We’ll also have a sew-off – trade your sewing skills
using craft swap supplies. Fabmo will also be on hand with supplies and a
great demo. Any extras will go to SCRAP-SF.

Scrapophony– Fun with Found Sounds – Learn to make and play some simple
‘musical instruments’ from things found around the house. Discover the joys
found sound and explore the wonders of sound via everyday objects. Humans
have been experimenting with ways to make music with found objects (sticks,
bones, rocks…) for about as long as there have been humans. Join us in
rekindling that sense of auditory exploration which is the wellspring of
musical creativity.

Book share – Turn in your old beloved books in readable condition (no pages
missing please) and take home a new good read. Any extras will be donated
to the library.

Clothes share – Bring something that no longer fits but still looks good
(free of stains and tears) and find something that you need to complete
your wardrobe. Any remaining clothes will be donated to Goodwill for

Refreshments will be provided.

Throughout the Bay Area, neighbors are coming together for sharing arts and
crafts supplies and other household items. Our Palo Alto sharing event is
supported by a coalition of community ecological organizations and
neighborhood groups including: Deborah’s Palm, Palo Alto Green Teams,
Opalz, Fabmo, SCRAP, Transition Palo Alto and Transition Silicon Valley.

Deborah’s Palm is a non-profit organization offering all women a place to
unwind, connect with others, discover new options, and restore a sense of
well-being. Any donations made to Deborah’s Palm are tax-deductible.

Please take home any excess of what you bring, if you can. Some items such
as books, craft supplies and clothes may be donated to local charities and

Questions/comments/signup contact rani bacraftswap at


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