Summer Share Faire June 21

On June 21st, we’ll be headed out to the Lucie Stern Patio once again for our quarterly Share Faire.

Sharing books, toys, clothes, garden produce, crafts? Check. Old, fun demos? Check. Some new and interesting ones? Check. Sunshine? Likely. Fun for the whole family? You know it. Cool people attending? Well, we have FoPAL, Neighbors helping neighbors, conversation circle, scrapophony, Fabmo, massage, and a few others, but it’ll be even cooler if you come!

If you haven’t yet had a chance to come out, check us out, join the fun, even if you’re empty-handed. If you have been before and love it, bring a friend. If you think it’s not for you, try it ou, or tell us what you’d like to see! Don’t have transportation? The VTA 35 bus gets there. Have a funny thing you’re not sure if you should bring? Ask us, or bring it anyway and take it home if no one grabs it (they just might!).

If you’d just like to slow down and enjoy the summer, start with the Share Faire. No obligation, no commitment, just being outdoors, building community, and helping make our world a little better.

Sunday, June 21st

11am to 1pm

Lucie Stern Community Center Patio (grassy area near parking lot)

1305 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto