Oily Wells March!

March 16 -18
Palo Alto to San Francisco


TPA is joining with other social justice, environmental, and faith-based groups, led by 350 Silicon Valley, to march for action in March. The 3-day, 34-mile walk from Palo Alto to the Wells Fargo offices in San Francisco will protest Wells Fargo’s continued investment in disastrous climate projects, including tar sands, pipelines, and extreme condition extraction.

Learn more about the action…

From Victoria Armigo:

For those who want to act in the world, please consider attending some part of this 3-day Oily Wells march that TPA is cosponsoring.

This is an invitation to join me and 350 Silicon Valley as we ramp up a campaign to expose “Oily Wells” by participating in the March for Fossil Fuel Freedom, a 3-day, 34-mile march from Palo Alto to the bank’s San Francisco headquarters on March 16-18. The pilgrimage will offer a chance to meet other concerned folks (from partners such as Idle No More SF Bay and the Sierra Club) and act as a human billboard attesting to the rapidly deepening climate crisis and the prospect for sustainable solutions.

It would be great if participants would please  register online today (3/11).  We need to know how many delicious vegan meals and snacks to serve to how many people and where.

We will spend two nights in church and community halls, with food and support vehicles for carrying gear provided. At “stagecoach stops” along the way there will be educational presentations and performances (featuring Oily Wells himself). Learn more and register now at www.OilyWells.com.

Just having you there, at any point along the way, as a show of support means a lot.

Please RSVP today.


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