Inner Transition  – New Group Continuing this Month

by Victoria Armigo

Session 4: Engage Parker J. Palmer, PhD
The Supple Heart: Wrestling with Our Better Angels

Writer and activist Dr. Parker J. Palmer has long been at the forefront of applying grassroots efforts for improving the democratic process. In this session, Parker speaks with Tami Simon about the current state of national politics and what we can do on both micro and macro levels to improve the situation. Parker notes that even though it may seem as if anger rules the day, “It’s not actually the politics of rage; it’s the politics of the brokenhearted.” Here, Parker teaches us that it’s how we react to the million heartbreaks of everyday life that dictates the energy we put out into the world—and ultimately the health of our society as a whole. Highlights include:

  • Recognizing inherent privilege and learning how to mindfully apply its advantages
  • The ways in which the heart breaks
  • Why periods of tension and distress can also be revelatory
  • The difference between righteous and self-righteous anger

6:30pm Monday, May 20th. Check email for details.


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