Green New Deal Town Halls

We have now had two Green New Deal Town Halls – May 7 and June 13th at the Rinconada Library.

Details of the May 7 Town Hall

Details of the June 13 Town Hall

Green New Deal Resolution has been proposed in Congress by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey. The stated goal is to address climate change by creating millions of new green jobs that will decarbonize our economy. While the (old) New Deal allowed 40% of food to be grown in victory gardens, built public parks, standardized the school lunch program, created a nationwide electricity grid, and a 2nd bill of rights, the new one will be what we make it.

Photos from the first town hall: by Jack Owicki, Pro Bono Photo.


Video from the event by Eric Simon:

Slides from the event here.

Co-sponsored by Transition Palo Alto


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