Inner Transition – Group Continues This Month

Monday December 16, 6:30-9:30pm

Session 10: Train
Rhonda V. Magee, MA, JD
Mindfulness and Racial Justice: A Path for All of Us

Rhonda V. Magee is an internationally recognized thought and practice leader focused on integrating mindfulness into higher education, law, and social justice. In this moving conversation and training session, Rhonda speaks with Kriste Peoples in the wake of yet another fatal mass shooting in the United States. Rhonda helps us explore ways to engage with the feelings of outrage, exhaustion, and fearfulness that often peak after such events and guides listeners through a powerful guided practice for healing. Topics include:

  • Meeting all of life with “friendly awareness”—not as bypassing or denial, but as cultivating a capacity to be with what is
  • Awareness practices as keys to personal, interpersonal, and collective transformation in the face of challenge and opportunity
  • Disrupting the harm done by our biases and building multicultural communities
  • Reckoning with the suffering caused by bias in general, and creating a pathway to healing and redemption

For Third Monday, on December 16, 2019 the plan is 6:30p potluck, 7p viewing of a session of “Sounds True –  Waking Up in the World”, 8:30p Discussion – in Sunnyvale.

To ask any questions, please contact Victoria


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