Inner Transition – Group Continues This Month

Monday April 20, 7-9pm

Online discussion

Session 15: Train
Matthew Fox, PhD
Recovering Our Sense of the Sacred

In this session, Matthew Fox discusses the importance of reconnecting with the sacred in a technological world. Drawing on many faith traditions, Matthew shares how working with difficult emotions can awaken new energies in us and how specific practices can deepen our connection with the sacred. He also shares a newly forming movement called the Order of the Sacred Earth. Join Matthew to learn:

  • How working with anger and grief can awaken our creativity
  • How practices like gratitude can bring renewal and courage
  • The power of taking a vow to defend and protect Mother Earth
  • How to discover your unique contribution in today’s world

For Third Monday, on April 20, 2020 we will try something different. The plan is to watch the presentation of “Sounds True –  Waking Up in the World” on your own BEFORE our 7p discussion online.

RSVP to Victoria (varmigo at earthlink dot net) and she will send the mp4 presentation to you via so that you can view it before our discussion. Then she will send the video conferencing link to you.


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