Halloween Scare Faire

Our first Virtual Halloween Scare Faire was on Sunday, October 25th – and our full lineup was ghastly fun. Thank you to everyone who came and shared their Halloween spirit, showed off costumes, and made it a scarily good time!

We started with some Laughing Yoga with Chris Selberg – including some Bollywood dance moves, lots of fun, with plenty of benefits in times of difficulty. Try it yourself:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcGS7ODfEi8

Razia Mianoor shared a tour of her Farm and the intricate details and difficulties of growing your own farm. Check out her slides here.

Barbara Weinstein gathered us all together to jointly create a creepy Halloween story (read more here)

They threatened us with a great wind,

It was a terrible feeling and everyone was afraid

The wind was howling
An owl perched on a branch overlooking a grave
And the trees where rustling

It was the middle of the day, but dark as night
The shutters creaked
Sam and Mordred the zombie monsters
In the rafters of the attic
The bat wiggled out of Roy’s beard

It's a wild and scary place, full of unknown creatures
The bat began to scare everyone
It felt all squirmy
But a wolf came. 
And discovered that the bat is ticklish
The zombies adopted the bat as a pet

William Mutch demonstrated a simple sodas recipe made with overripe peaches, and ways to turn it into fruit butter, melomels, and more. Look for more recipes from – Pascal Baudar – The Wildcrafting Brewer, or Sandor Katz – Wild Fermentation

Bart Anderson gave us a primer on Bicycling during the pandemic, how to get your own bike, routes and more. Read his story here.

Peter Ruddock talked to us about COVID Risks. Here is his description:
During Sunday’s Share Farie, I showed a video and displayed a chart covering Covid Risk issues that people asked to have.  Here are the resources, with a little bit of context.
The video appeared in spring 2020 from Vox.  It has aged well.  The video talks about 3 variables that you should consider in evaluating risk:  distance, duration and ventilation.  I suggested adding a 4th variable:  activity type.  As a rule, the greater the distance between people, the shorter the time with people, the better the ventilation and the less strenuous the activity the lower the risk of infection.  Of course, wearing a mask lowers the risk even more.
The chart is one of many which ranks activities and venues by risk and it is not the original source.  It should be used with caution, as activities and venues can vary quite a bit depending upon behavior, specifically the 4 variable mentioned above.  For example, a walk on an empty beach is a very different thing that a visit to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.
I offer these as personal insights, having no particular credentials to back me up, so please take them in that spirit.  Double check them against other sources.  Do keep yourself well.
– Peter

Hope you have a safe, happy, and fairE Halloween.


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