Small Simple Sharing

Our first Virtual Share Faire of the year was on June 19th, a Saturday afternoon, with a small group but plenty of great ideas! Here are some of the things that were shared:

  • my daughter and I shared some activities we have done during the pandemic
  • Peter gave us a small tour of his garden and setup, and described his experiences with Oya Farms and Eating with the Seasons
  • Dona shared about making friends with the animals and plants in her life
  • Michal showed her beautiful wine bags that she is making instead of her usual jewelry
  • William and Charlotte shared adventures in gathering and making with acorns as well as working the land and other crafts
  • Corina talked about some of the challenges of the pandemic and ways she has been coping
  • Barbara described her fabric crafts including quilting and pillow-making

We also were able to share some ideas and concerns about opening up and doing more and meeting others as time goes on, sharing our common worries and excitement as well.

Thank you to all who joined us, and we hope to see everyone else in person for the Halloween Share Faire in October!


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