Films of Vision and Hope (December): Occupy Wall Street — What’s Happened? What’s Next?

Films of Vision and Hope – December 2 and 9
Occupy Wall Street — What’s Happened? What’s Next?

Occupy Wall Street has captured the imagination of millions and brought a level social activism not seen in the U.S. for decades. How did it start? What’s happened so far? What are the implications, and what can we do locally to get involved?

We’ll explore all of this at this Films of Vision and Hope mini-series.

Friday, December 2 – The Best of Occupy Videos
There’s a rich video record of the Occupy movement, with fascinating footage and interviews. We’ll see a selection of Occupy videos and discuss the movement — what we think about it and what the implications are for meaningful economic and social change.

Friday, December 9 – 100 Mile Potluck\
Bring a dish to share (with local ingredients, if possible). We’ll continue the conversation, sharing what people are doing locally and what others can do to get involved.

World Centric 2121 Staunton Ct., Palo Alto
(behind JJ&F Market)

Meet and greet (and Dec. 9 potluck) 7 PM
Films and discussion 7:30 – 9:30 PM

Sponsored by Transition Silicon Valley, Transition Palo Alto, Silicon Valley Action Network and World Centric

Concerned about the environment, sustainability and social justice? Looking for ways to make a positive, sustainable change for people and the planet? Films of Vision and Hope focuses on hopeful and positive solutions to environmental and social problems affecting our world. Provocative films, great discussion, and opportunities to connect with others who want to make a difference.

PDF version of this brochure – with graphics!

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