Cool Cities Challenge Community Meeting – Changing the Climate Change Game

The Cool Cities challenge is an exciting effort to achieve dramatic carbon reduction by working at the community level. Thanks to the efforts of Transitioners David Coale, Annette Issacson, and Annette Puskarich, Palo Alto is included in the list of target cities for the challenge, along with Davis, Sonoma CA, and three cities in Brazil. The ultimate goal is to make a real difference in the climate change game by involving folks locally.

To learn more, don’t miss this upcoming community meeting with David Gershon, creator of the Cool City Challenge and author of Low Carbon Diet.

Cool City Challenge: Reinventing Our Cities From the Bottom Up To Achieve Dramatic Carbon Reduction, Vibrant Livability and Green Prosperity
Monday, April 2nd
Lucie Stern Community Center (1305 Middlefield Rd), Community Room

This community meeting organized by the Palo Alto Community Environmental Action Partnership (CEAP).


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