Coming June 23 – Craft-Bike-Music share at Deborah’s Palm


Neighbors sharing crafts, repairing bikes, and making music

Saturday, June 23 1pm – 3pm FREE !
Deborah’s Palm

555 Lytton Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301

Hop on your bikes and grab your friends and family for this Multiple Event Summer Share. Join us to share your extra arts and crafts supplies and flowers. Bring what you have to share; take home something you don’t. You’ll also learn to make homemade musical instruments and get a (or learn to do your own) bike tunup. Bring your bikes, herbs, flowers, paints, markers, fabric, yarn, paper, patterns, books, garden/craft tools, bike accessories, kits and more. Be sure to bring a bag to take home the bounty!

Craft Share – Bring your arts and crafts supplies and tools, and even artistic creations to share. We’re also sharing flowers and herbs. Put them out on the tables and take home what you want. At  each half hour, we’ll have demos on various simple crafts you can do yourself at home. We’ll also have demos of wind chimes and musical instruments (see Scrapaphony below). Extra supplies will be donated to SCRAP.

Bicycle workshop imageBicycle workshop – Let’s work together to do minor maintenance and make minor adjustments to improve your bike for efficiency, safety and comfort, with Tom Kabat. He’ll help you with: Tire pressure, Oiling squeaky chains, Seat ergonomics, Adjusting bar position for good wristernomics, Adjusting gears, brakes and headsets. He can also coach you through fixing a flat tire!

ImageScrapaphony – Fun with Fun Sounds – a workshop in making musical instruments from scraps with Herb Moore. He’ll be sharing examples of simple homemade “instruments,” wind chimes from spare keys, a canning jar “water drum.” He’ll also share an approach to exploring sound with found objects.

Throughout the Bay Area, neighbors are coming together for sharing various items, including arts and crafts supplies, and other household items. Our Palo Alto sharing event is supported by a coalition of community ecological organizations and neighborhood groups including: Deborah’s Palm, Midtown Green Team, Fabmo, SCRAP, Opal’z, Transition Palo Alto and Transition Silicon Valley.

Deborah’s Palm is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization which provides a community resource for women and offers classes, counseling, peer groups and more. This location will be in the rear parking lot – please park on the street and walk or bike to the location. The lot is accessible. Seating and umbrellas, as well as light refreshments will be provided.


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