Trading ‘the stuff of life’ (Palo Alto Weekly)

Nice article in the Palo Alto weekly about a Transition-tinged giveaway hosted by TPA-er Romola Georgia:

Trading ‘the stuff of life’
Barron Park FreeSale is hub for exchanging ideas and belongings

by Helen Carefoot

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On a small Barron Park street lined with patches of wildflowers and dandelions, rows of tables were piled high with items ranging from shawls as delicate as spider webs to stacks of vintage records and weathered books.

Neighbors at the Tippewango Court home of Romola Georgia pored over the myriad items Satuday, June 16, donating their own and taking another in return. But it wasn’t a garage sale; it was a “FreeSale.”

A FreeSale is a pseudo-yard sale in which participants exchange gently used items with their friends for free. Georgia said she hopes to use the event to promote sharing and re-purposing the “stuff of life.”

The tables in front of Georgia’s white picket fence created an appealing aisle of goods. Boxes of blooming sunflowers and fennel plants lured plant enthusiasts to the gardening table; a heap of X-Men trading cards from someone’s childhood was pile upon another. An elaborate six-CD changer stood out among the electronic offerings.

Many items displayed carried personal significance to their previous owners and elicited stories and nostalgia.

More at PA Weekly

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One thought on “Trading ‘the stuff of life’ (Palo Alto Weekly)

  1. I love this idea! What a great way to recycle and even upcycle items! I hope the “sale” went well. I’m big into yardsaling for that very reason, there is so much life in things even though we may not use them any more. I’ve recently found a great website called that lists local yard sales, and also lets you advertise your own for free. Hope it comes in handy for all of you 🙂

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