Conversation, Community, and Calling

The Conversation, Community, and Calling (a.k.a. Conversation) group welcomed new and old participants on a chilly but glorious evening this past week.  Affectionately dubbed the Transition Palo Alto “support group for activists,” the Conversation group started in 2010 with some sessions that Cecile Andrews did on helping folks identify and pursue their personal purpose (their “calling”). Since then, the group has given support to people exploring new ideas and projects, looked at personal and political activism, and even supported folks with issues in their personal lives. Communication has been a frequent topic, and the group turned to it again this week. Mary Jane Marcus led an exercise in compassionate listening, and Chris Selberg shared ideas from a recent workshop on non-violent communication.

The Conversation group meets every two weeks. For more information, go to the Groups and Project page.




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