More on Money from Marco

Here are some links from Marco Vangelisti’s fascinating Fourth Friday talk on our crazy monetary system.
We’ll be having Marco back to talk about economics and the financial system at future Fourth Fridays. It’s essential knowledge for all of us who want to create a more sane and sustainable world.

Marco showed the first 30 minutes of this film: The Money Fix

Here’s a short video by the Positive Money Institute in the UK:  Why is There So Much Debt?

Here’s a recent article by Ellen Brown with a better idea for a “quantitative easing” for the people. Ellen Brows is the author of The Web of Debt an essential read for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of the issues: How Congress Could Fix Its Budget Woes

If you are wondering what the bankers get to buy with the profits they derive from their monopoly power to create our money supply, check out this segment of The Daily Show: Daily Show segment


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