Transition Cafes – Getting to the heart of things

Who are we? What do we believe? What’s important to us? How do we want to live our lives?transition cafe logo

Exploring these questions is what Transition Cafes are all about. Each week, organizer William Mutch proposes a topic to discuss and folks come to share their ideas and experiences.  Topics run the gamut – relationships, books, climate change, housing, ancestors, eldership, mentorship, role of the fool in society, life, death, and much more. William has an uncanny knack for zeroing in on topics that matter.

Some cafe regulars show up almost every week, while others come when they can, or drop in when there’s a topic of special interest to them. Last week’s topic, “Home,” hit home, so to speak, with regulars and newcomers, who shared what home means to them, where they feel at home, and the yearning for a feeling of home when you don’t have one.

Transition Cafes are held every Friday (except the fourth friday of the month) at 5:45 to 7:45 pm at Red Rock Cafe in Mountain View. If you’re on the Transition Palo Alto mailing list, you’ll get the weekly announcement emails. Drop in anytime!