Eyeballs of Lizard, Dragon Take-out, and costumes

Ghoulish fun reigned October 25 at the Ross Rd YMCA “Halloween at the Y .” Kids of all ages (and their parents) flocked to the Transition Palo Alto costume swap, bringing their old costumes to share with others and finding new ones to don for this year.  Thanks to everyone who came to share, 50-100 costumes found new homes.

While all the costume bringing, taking and trying on was going on, creativity positively oozed at the recycled crafts table. Armed with nothing but old containers, scraps of packing peanuts, fabric, yarn, hole punchers, and markers, kids created disgusting delicacies perfect for the season: Eyeballs of lizard (yum!), dragon take-out, dragon intestines, crabs’ claws, and even some ghost poop. One father reminded his son that their family is vegetarian, so he won’t be able to put the crabs’ claws on his peanut butter sandwich. But they looked so delicious!