Book Group 6 – Shades of Gray (Water)

What’s involved in setting up gray water systems and what are the options? At the Book Group 6 meeting April 1, Sharif Rosales-Webb of Greywater greenlandscapes gave an introduction to grey water systems. He explained the differences between branching systems, which take gray water from the kitchen and bathroom and distribute it in multiple places around a garden, versus laundry-to-landscape systems, which take water from a washing machine and distribute it with the help of the washing machine pump. Whatever the option, gray water systems give new life to water that would otherwise head directly to the waste treatment plant.

With the dire drought situation in California and the statewide call for reductions of 25% in water usage in mind, book group members brainstormed about other actions to take.  At an upcoming meeting, the group will make flyers to give neighbors who are wasting water in landscaping a gentle reminder to plug their leaks and cut back on irrigation.

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