April Craft Night – Out of this world!

Submitted by Trina Lynn

April’s Craft Night was ‘out of this world!’

While a few of us assembled Aliens & UFOs from recyclables in  preparation for the city’s ‘No Space to Alienate’ Kid’s Parade & May Fete event, others got serious with the sewing machines & cutting table and made some much needed pant & clothing adjustments. 

Herb provided a lovely soundtrack to a knife sharpener, an embroiderer and a coloring project & some of us talked business (aka as community building in these circles). 

All this was captured in a series of much anticipated ‘Black & White’ pics by our most wonderful Barbara Weinstein who made the coolest UFO of the night and offered these ‘Noir’ photos. 

No one is banned (inside joke*), in fact all are welcome at May’s Craft Night event.  Look out for the invitation early next month for details on the location and where to RSVP (*or just to be let in on the joke).

And Herb’s mood guitar.



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