Dollars and Sense

We’re all affected profoundly by the money and banking system, but few of us have any clue what it’s about, why it seems to be so messed up, and what we can do.

But that’s changing!

Those fortunate to attend the first Essential Knowledge for Transition talk with Marco Vangelisti Sunday 9/13 got to get up close and personal with our money and banking system. Marco is a former investment manager and scholar with a dedication to Transition principles and constructive change – and a fabulous communicator. We learned about how money is created, why debt is inescapable in our system, how private institutions are doing work that should be public – and how the system can be reformed to to retain the positive elements of the current structure while fixing the dysfunctional and destructive aspects.

We’ll post a video of Marco’s talk when it’s available. Meanwhile, don’t miss the second and third talks in this outstanding series:

Sunday Oct 18 noon-2pm: Part 2: Our economic system
Why are most people working harder, but fewer are benefiting? How can we move beyond growth-at-all costs to a more compassionate and just society?

Sunday Oct 25: noon-2pm Part 3: Our financial system
Why is financial capital divorced from productive activity, and how can we fix it? Learn how communities are transforming investment to be local, democratic, and productive.

REGISTER in advance here (it will help us know who’s coming and how much to provide for refreshments):

Each session is separate and can stand alone, but come to all three for the full story. Child care provided. Donation: $10 per session (no one turned away for lack of funds).


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