Video links for Essential Knowledge for Transition

Many of you who weren’t available for the first two sessions of Essential Knowledge for Transition Sept 13 and Oct 18 requested that we share a videos so you could catch up on the material you missed.

Don’t miss the last two session Oct 25. Scroll down for details.

Here are the links for session one. We’ll post the links for session 2 as soon as they are available.

Session 1 links

You can stream the program in its entirety here:

If you don’t have time to watch the entire session, we’ve extracted four shorter clips of around three minutes in length. To treat yourself to a taste of what we learned, check out these pithy excerpts:

Why we all need to understand how the banking system works (2:56)

The effects of creating money as debt (3:28)

Re-balance private and public ownership of banks (3:15)

Why housing is unaffordable, in three minutes (2:47)

Please register here, and bring your friends! This is information that all informed citizens need to know.


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