New Economy Transition – what’s up for the March meeting

New Economy Transition (NET) is the group that formed after Marco Vangelisti’s Essential Knowledge for Transition talks last fall on money, economy, and investment. The group has started to look at changes that each of us can make in our own lives, as well as other efforts to move away from business-as-usual.

This is the line-up for the March 20 meeting. All are welcome, whether you’ve attended before or not!

  • Dave Thompson will lead two sessions:
    • My Intention with Spending:  Collectively, as a consumers we have a lot of power in shaping our economy. Yet, there are powerful forces at play that often shape our spending habits. In this workshop we will explore the “marketplace” and examine our spending habits. We will have the opportunity to look at pathways to align our spending habits with values of equity and environmental stewardship.
    • Banking with Intention:  This brief workshop will examine ways in which we can move money out of big banks. We will look at the pros and cons of different financial institutions along with local resources to help participants in their pursuit of aligning their financial life with their values.
  • Barbara Weinstein and Eitan Fenson will report briefly on Marco’s all day workshop, which they attended March 12.

March 20, 2-4pm
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Redwood City
2124 Brewster, Redwood City


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