Not Quite Trash

Black robed Stanford grads strolled by as I met up with Dawn Kwan along with her sister Nicole Kwan and mother Cindy Chow to scout around for discards from the students who are graduating or moving out for the summer. In her previous life as a Stanford student, Dawn advocated for waste reduction on campus. But she remained troubled by all the items that students dumped when moving out, with many items barely used. Hence the idea of a dumpster rescue mission.

Our mission for the day: Hunt around dorm area dumpsters for usable and recyclable items, and bring them to appropriate drop-off sites. As you can see from the slide show, we dove in a big way. The first dorms we visited had already been cleared out, but we ultimately found a couple of locations with discarded items in excellent condition, from storage containers to clothing to household items and more.
–Barbara Weinstein

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