Getting creative at the Share Faire

There were lots of ways to get creative at the June Share Faire, from exploring common plants to greywater, to old computers, e-magazines, and social media.

Talented and precocious Sanah Ayyar got so inspired by the session on haikus and limericks, that she went home and dashed off some creations of her own. Go Sanah!

Sanah is pretty in pink
Loves to skate in the ice rink
Her fingers are magical
And makes music that’s classical
Let’s explore her power to think

Click for more of Sanah’s creations

Thanks to Joseah Rosales from Greywater Landscape Design for leading a rousing talk on Greywater 101 and inspiring all of us to reuse water at home.

And some pix from the Share Faire:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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