New Climate Change Book Group

In collaboration with the Palo Alto City Library, Transition is co-sponsoring a new monthly book group about climate change. The group will start in February. Meetings will be held during the day time at the Mitchell Park Library. Group members will select the books to be read and discussed, and the Library will endeavor to provide multiple copies that can be shared. Topics will include: the science behind climate change, how to tak with people who deny it’s happening, what individuals can do about it, and effective government policies in the US and elsewhere. Some of the suggested books are personal, one is a graphic movel, some are more scientific in nature, some more political. We’ll pick what suits the group’s interests.

If you’re interested, please send a note to organizer Nancy Truher at Discussions will be led by Nancy Truher and Debbie Mytels. Time and date of the first session will be determined based on those who are interested. If you have a favorite book to share, please bring it to the first meeting, too!


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