A bunch of TPAers adopted nectarine trees at the Masumoto Family Farm this year. The farm is a multi-generational enterprise of the delightful and inspiring Masumoto family. The farm specializes in peaches and nectaries, which Nikiko Masumoto calls the ‘anti-convenience fruit’ because they require lots of attention and care to produce the fragrant and juicy fruit loved by so many.

The first crew harvested on July 22, and a fine time was had by all. The next crew is due to finish clearing our three trees on July 29th.

There will be lots of fruit, and when that happens, it’s time for a skillshare!  Whether or not you participated in the harvesting, you’re invited to a skillshare on July 30 in Sunnyvale. Join in as we prepare and preserve much of the fruit, and then enjoy a potluck dinner. Send email to to RSVP and for the skillshare location and other details.

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