Sittin’ by the side of the bay…Oct 12

Submitted by William Mutch and Rani Jayakumar:

Some of us will be doing a sunset sit at the Baylands, on Thursday, October 12th.  We’ll be gathering at the picnic tables by the Ranger Station, then finding a comfortable spot (but not too comfortable), to sit and admire the sunset.  We’ll meet at 5:45-6:30pm to chat and meet each other, with a formal silent sitting meditation from 6:30-7ish, and a more formal chat and maybe walk afterwards, thinking about meditation and how it fits into the work we do, as well as some observations from our sit, until the park closes around 7:30pm.  Bring layers, as temperatures vary widely, something comfortable to sit on (but not too comfortable), and a flashlight if you need it, but use it sparingly, to respect the darkness and the folks who depend on it. 

To get there, take Embarcadero Road out to the Baylands. Turn left at the T and head towards the Ranger Station and Interpretive Center.  Park across from the Interpretive Center, and walk back across the bridge to the Ranger Station. RSVPs are appreciated, so we know how many to expect.

See you then!
William and Rani




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