Look and See

February Fourth Friday attendees were treated to LOOK & SEE, a lovingly filmed portrait of farmer and poet Wendell Berry and the lives of his family and neighbors in Henry County, Kentucky.  Through Berry’s poetry, the reflections of others, and evocative photography and cinematography, the film captures a deep love of the land, sense of place, and values of land stewardship and hard work — and the heartbreak of loss as these treasured values are undercut by industrialized agriculture.

TPA was delighted to co-host the film with Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST), which has been working to protect open space in and around the peninsula for more than 40 years. Thanks to POST, UUCPA for providing their main hall, and to all who helped with the event!

As an additional treat, check out this recent Yes! Magazine article about Wendell Berry’s wife, Tanya, who was interviewed in the film.

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