Waste Not – and Enjoy!

It was a delicious and informative evening at the March Fourth Friday ‘Shop your Kitchen’ potluck. Participants raided their refrigerators, freezers, cupboards, and gardens to create tasty treats, from casseroles to pie to soup to nuts.

The group talked about creative recipe ideas, how to preserve produce, how to make better use of your fridge, and how your nose is better than any expiration date label.

We also showed some short videos about food waste. Some amazing facts: 40% of food produced in the U.S. never gets eaten. At the same time, about 1/8 of all Americans suffer from food insecurity.  Food waste is the biggest low-hanging fruit (so to speak) that we could tackle for an impact on climate change.  If food waste were a country, it would be #3 in climate emissions. And it’s a problem that everyone can help solve.

Special thank yous to Herb for lovely background music, and Debbie, Lawrence, and William for super KP duty!

Here are the video links:

The Life of Strawberries

Three meals from one zucchini

Creative ideas about tackling the food waste problem


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