Sharing at the Craft Faire



It had been five years since we last had a Crafts-only swap – and we were back at Opal’z Soap and Scents, but in a new location. A hot, sunny Saturday midday brought out bags and boxes of everyone’s craft discards, but also lots was taken home to be newly repurposed.

There was such a range of things – papers, potpourri items, soap-making, candle-making, fabrics, containers, bottles, stickers, kits for kids, paints and colors, small supplies, and a few things that would need some creativity to be repurposed!

We had a steady trickle of people come in, and TPA is also the owner of a new tent canopy for events.

Thanks to our dedicated few volunteers (notably Kenneth Meng and Barbara Weinstein), and our demoers Suzanne Fouche, who showed lace-making and kumihimo, Amanda Kovattana, who displayed and discussed various types of shoes she had made, and William Mutch who showed different types of bracelet weaving, plus the several kind people who dropped off some fruit from their gardens, we had a lively event filled with community and crafty kindness.

Thank you also to Annie of Opal’z, Zero Waste Palo Alto, and everyone who came to share and participate!


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