Inner Transition – September 16th

Session 8: Engage Joanna Macy

Sounds True – Waking up in the World

For Third Monday, on September 16, 2019 the plan is 6:30p potluck, 7p viewing of a session of “Sounds True –  Waking Up in the World”, 8:00p Discussion. Location TBD in Sunnyvale or Los Altos. We’ll continue this month with Session 8: Engage

Joanna Macy, PhD

We Belong: Hope, Choice, and Our Relationship with the Earth
In this interview, Sounds True founder Tami Simon speaks with leading eco-philosopher, activist, and Buddhist scholar Joanna Macy. They discuss the need for hope in times of chaos and dissolution, as well as how hope is something we do rather than just feel. They consider apathy as a refusal to face the inevitability of suffering and why the state of the environment can be especially heartbreaking. Finally, Tami and Joanna talk about our relationship with the earth as a natural birthright—one that is actually the source of all our energy and joy. Highlights include:

  • The earth as not just alive, but an extension of our bodies
  • “The Great Turning”—which way will we go?
  • Hope versus optimism, and choosing to participate in our own evolution

To RSVP or ask any questions, please feel free to contact Victoria varmigo at earth link dot net.

6:30pm Monday, September 16. 6:30pm potluck, 7pm viewing, 8:15 discussion. Check email for details.


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